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Roll Down Shutters

Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters
Roll Down Shutters

Effortless Protection, Instant Peace of Mind.

Unlock the power of convenience, upgrading your protection with Roll Down Shutters.



Experience the ease of manual roll-down or simply press a button on the controller.

Your protection, your way.


Engineered for Excellence.

Approved by The Florida Building Code, our accordion shutters are forged from the finest aluminum, boasting uncompromising quality.


Navigating Florida's Varied Regulations.

The Florida Building Code weaves a complex web of construction rules, differing from county to county. We make it simple.


HPS & Blinds, LLC - Where Quality Meets Compliance.

Our accordion shutters not only meet but exceed Florida's exacting standards for labor, structure, and installation.


Why Roll Down Shutters?

  • Defying Hurricane Force: Our roll-down shutters stand firm against Level 5 hurricane winds, withstanding the relentless forces of nature at 157 mph, 137 kt, or 252 km/h.

  • Affordability Meets Inclusivity: Experience unbeatable value – our prices cover labor, installation, taxes, and even offer a free estimate. Protection is now within everyone's reach.

  • Rapid Shielding: Gain peace of mind in minutes, with each opening secured in less than five minutes. Time is of the essence, and we make it count.

  • Insurance Savings: Safeguard your future by safeguarding your property. Better insurance deals await those who protect their homes from hurricanes.

  • Elevate Property Value: Beyond protection, our roll-down shutters enhance your establishment's aesthetic appeal, increasing its overall value.

  • Cost Savings: Lower your existing insurance costs and achieve year-round cost-efficiency. A wise choice for your pocket and peace of mind.

  • A Perfect Fit for Any Opening: Our roll-down shutters don't just protect; they're tailored to match any opening, enhancing your establishment's visual appeal.

  • Securing Your Space: Whether you're at home or away, rest easy knowing you can secure your establishment effortlessly with our roll-down shutters.

  • Florida Building Code Seal of Approval: Trust in the rigorous standards of the Florida Building Code, where safety and compliance go hand in hand.

  • Florida's Excellence: Our roll-down shutters meet the highest standards of Florida, the epitome of resilience.

  • A Decade of Assurance: With a ten-year labor warranty, we guarantee your satisfaction and continued peace of mind.

  • A Splash of Elegance: Choose from four elegant colors – White, Ivory, Bronze, and Beige – to match your style and elevate your property's aesthetic.


Setup Instructions:


With the Remote Option,
Simply Press a Button:

With a motor by each unit, it is just necessary to press a button, including the rolling crank, in the case of an emergency.



The color applied to the product
depends on the establishment association jurisdiction
(If Apply).


Please, if your establishment is within an association, contact them before making any changes.

Whenever it applies, we will take care of the homeowner association permit approval for free.

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