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Company Goal:

Hurricane Protection Solution & Blinds, LLC, traces its origins to Joe Luis Interiors Corporation, specialized in enhancing interior spaces with a wide range of window decoration products, from curtains and blinds to carpets and flooring.

For over two decades, their unwavering dedication to customers led to the sale and installation of countless interior decoration products, spanning from the early 80s to the early 2000s.

With a decade of dedicated service, Hurricane Protection Solution & Blinds, LLC, has proudly become a family business, serving all Florida. With a wealth of experience and a track record of successful installations, we're your main source for interior window decoration and exterior hurricane protection needs for Florida's families and businesses.

HPS & Blinds, LLC's products are prepared to suit your unique requirements, whether it's for a balcony, a high building, a garage, or a location exposed to salty winds. Our extensive experience ensures we can provide the solution you need.

Project Management

Step 1
Get in touch with our team:

Make the first step and get a free estimate.

  • Do not wait until the last minute, we offer out of season discounts, financing, and favorable payment plan options.

  • We will schedule all meetings at the most favorable time available to you.

  • Start at a base 50% down payment, and clear the balance the moment the installation has finished.

  • If you already have the measures from edge to edge on width and height, including trimming or decorations,
    simply email them to,
    ​ and attach pictures, or call to a representative at 407-743-2143​ to get a quote.

Project Management
Step 2
  • Once we get to the work-site address, do not hesitate to ask any questions.

  • Once the measures are recorded, we will be at your service to show our samples and give project advice.

  • For hurricane protection products, the openings are measured from the outside of the establishment, as inside measures vary.

    • Our crew members are experienced and dedicated.

      • For difficult locations to reach, measures will be recorded in reference to other openings and site structures.

    • We respect your privacy.

      • When necessary, we will ask for permission to get the measures from the inside, under extraordinary circumstances.

  • We will take all opening measures in the site or just the ones as indicated.

    • We will take pictures of each opening to determine the best way of installation.

    • ​The estimate will only include those openings that need hurricane protection according to the Florida Building Code, at least indicated otherwise.

On site estimate:
Review our proposition:
Step 3

You will get a quote via text and e-mail provided within 48hrs.

  • ​The project includes:

    • Help on permitting when needed.

    • Each unit price.

      • Which includes: Labor, delivery, in site adaptations, and installation.

    • Total with Discount and Taxes.

  • ​Only hurricane protection projects require to signing an agreement.​​​​​

  • ​​Note that:

    • For residential, within an association, the customer has the option to proceed with the permitting procedures as the owner.

      • You can opt to do this process by yourself, or let us submit the paperwork on your behalf at no cost.​​
        • We will bring you the related paperwork on both options.​
      • All the permits' paperwork must be completed before proceeding with any installation.

      • The owners are responsible to clearing all fees imposed by the city or homeowners association.

    • F​or commercial, the entitled entity / owners have the option to proceed on building permitting by their own methods or let us handle the permitting for a $500.00 fee charge.

      • The entitles entity / owners are responsible for clearing all fees imposed by the building permitting department and related offices.

      • There is no processing fee charge for projects over $10,000.00

  • All quotations have a due date of 30 days once sent.

    • ​Passed a month, prices may increase or decrease.

    • You can request a quote update if yours has expired.

Signing the Agreement:
  • All agreements and Invoices are sent once the quote is approved.

  • All agreements are filled, and signed electronically via Hearth, an online platform.

  • Please, read the agreement, ask questions, and make any changes before proceeding.

  • Open the link and proceed to fill in the requested information, initials, and e-sign the agreement.

    • The moment you submit the contract, we will be notified​ and start the process.

    • You have a week to cancel the agreement after the first paid receipt.
  • Once submitted, you can download or print the contract at any time.​

    • If you have lost the link, let us know, so that we can share it back to you.​

  • Once signed, you will be redirected to proceed with the down payment.

    • We are proud to be one of the few companies that can deal projects at any cost with only the 50% deposit.

    • We offer financing and favorable payment plans.

    • There is a 3% transaction charge for Credit and Debit Cards.

    • We also accept, cash, checks, credit, debit, ACH, and other digital transfers such as Zelle Transfers or PayPal.

Step 4
  • Along the project process, the assigned installer will take the measures to assure the manufacturing unit dimensions.

  • Meanwhile, concurrent to the manufacture, the process on the permitting for the project begins.​​

    • ​Sometimes, customers prefer to do the permits on their own. In such a case, we will provide the customer with the necessary notice of acceptance (NOA) documents, as well as a sketch of the project proposal, adding any other documents that may be needed from our side.

    • We can fill also fill the documents from the city and share them back to you for submission.

    • We do online notary sessions for free to all current customers with an ongoing project.

    • You can notarize the documents on the city building, or other mediations as well.

    • Make sure you have a recorded notice of commencement for projects over $5,000.00

Step 5
  • First, we will fill out the permitting documents for the homeowner association.

    • ​Once filled, signed, and submitted, you will only have to clear the fees (if any), and wait for the approval.

    • From the side of homeowner associations, in rare occasions they charge fees.

  • Once the homeowner association has approved the project installation, we will proceed with the building permitting.​

    • At this point, depending on the project and city instructions for inspection we can proceed to install, or wait until the necessary documents submitted to schedule an initial inspection, as some cities prefer to monitor the installation process whereas other cities simply send inspectors to check the finished work.​

  • Each city process the paperwork at different time rates, tending to forward the paperwork from one office to another until the paperwork is reviewed, signed, and filled.

  • The number of inspections depends on the establishment's city.

    • Fees must be cleared by owners to proceed with inspections.

    • We will facilitate the online link portal to clear the fees.

  • For your peace of mind, the Notice of Commencement protects the Contractors, HPS & Blinds, LLC, and you, the Customer, advising the city/county that we are doing this project and that there will be repercussions if we do not show progress in the project, giving you the right to report us to the correspondent city and take responsibility for failure.

  • Inspectors from the respective establishment's city will assist to check only the work stated in the contract.

  • The final inspection is not part of the installation process, and the final payment must be done by the end of the installation.

    • You are backed up with a 10-year warranty on labor and parts.​

  • It is HPS & Blinds, LLC's duty to keep working at your side until all documentation required and linked to the project related to the contract has been approved.

  • If We Handle the Permitting
Our Side
  • Your Side:
  • If HPS & Blinds, LLC handles the permitting partially or totally, you simply:

    • Sign in the necessary paperwork.

    • Assist at the notary when needed.

    • Have all requested paperwork and the given document package ready on the inspection date.

    • Wait for updates, as we deal in the whole process with the city and submit documents physically when needed and when requested.

    • Clear the building and homeowner association permit fees (Fees may vary).

    • All of it doing your minimum effort.

    • For Commercial, building permitting is invoiced apart from the installation project.

    • You do not need a general contractor for Accordion Shutters or Roll-down Shutters, at least explicitly requested by your homeowners association

    • You need a general contractor for Impact Windows, as it counts as a structural change.​

    • You do not need building permitting for Storm Panels.

Your Side
Step 6
  • The installation process starts the moment each respective opening unit product is delivered to our personnel.

  • Once the HOA approval is finished (if applicable), and the city has issued a permit number (if applicable), the installation will be started, sometimes at a side of inspections.
  • Products such as accordion shutters, manual roll-down shutters, and storm panels are installed from the outside of the establishments, except impact doors, impact windows, and electric roll-down shutters, due to the removal of regular windows and the finish that must be done to the frames, and some product installations in high buildings.
    • Delays on installation are normally related to weather, since our workers make use of A/C electrical and mechanical equipment for a faster and precise installation to keep at margin with the Florida Building Code.
    • In case of present rain, the installation will be postponed as soon as possible during the day or the next available day, according to the weather (
  • After assuring every unit is functional and without mechanical issues, and the site has been cleared, the customer will give the down payment, which is normally the 50% balance of the total payment according to the signed contract.
    • We encourage our crew members to show that every unit works properly and check that each unit has a unique metal sticker, that certifies the product ​functionality under the Florida Building Code.
  • We will take pictures of the openings before and after the installation process to record the structure changes.
  • Finally, we will provide the customer with all the project documentation, as well as the e-receipt for the final payment.
After Installation:
  • An inspector from the respective establishment's city will assist to check only the installed products stated in the contract, matching the plans submitted.

    • Otherwise, changes will be arranged as instructed by the inspector and this step will be repeated.

    • Once the inspection is done, we will be notified if the inspection was approved.

  • Finished the final inspection:

    • ​The establishment's owners are required to give maintenance to the units at least twice a year in order to maintain the warranty available.

  • If the establishment's owners need any paperwork for the establishment's insurance, we will prepare a document package to be delivered either in person or by postal mail to the worksite address.

  • We can help you to submit this information for free.​​​

Step 7
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