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Impact Windows & Doors


Protect your home
and lower your insurance.


HPS's Impact Windows & Doors have the best quality
and great designs, able made to resist 5th
 category winds.


The Florida Building Code incorporates all building construction related regulations for public and private buildings in the state of Florida.

Our impact windows meet all the Florida requirements for labor, structure, and installation.

Be always ready for Hurricane Season.

Why Impact Windows and Doors?

  • Battling Hurricane Fury: Our impact doors windows are engineered to confront the fiercest Level 5 hurricane winds, withstanding forces of nature that reach 157 mph.

  • Unbeatable Value: Enjoy the market's best prices, covering labor, installation, taxes, and a complimentary estimate. Protection and affordability are a package deal.

  • Energy Efficient: Improve your insulation, isolate outdoor sound, lower the temperature.

  • Instant Security: You're just a simple close away from comprehensive protection. Swift, seamless, and designed for your peace of mind.

  • Insurance Advantages: Strengthen your home's defenses and watch your insurance costs drop. Protecting against hurricanes opens the door to better deals.

  • Elevate Your Space: Beyond safeguarding, our impact windows and doors elevate your establishment's aesthetics, increasing its overall value and charm.

  • Cost-Efficient Safety: Lower your current insurance costs and discover year-round cost-efficiency. A wise investment for your safety and finances.

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Our impact windows seamlessly match any opening, ensuring your establishment looks great while staying secure.

  • Florida Building Code Compliant: Trust in our strict adherence to the Florida Building Code's rigorous standards, a testament to our commitment to safety.

  • Florida's Highest Standards: Our impact windows and doors meet the stringent standards set by the state of Florida, ensuring top-tier resilience.

  • A Decade of Assurance: With a ten-year labor warranty, we offer peace of mind that endures.

  • Custom Solutions for Privacy and Efficiency: Explore a wide variety of impact window systems and glass tones that offer the perfect blend of privacy and energy efficiency.

  • All Window Types: We offer impact windows in a range of styles, including picture windows, horizontal or vertical sliding windows and doors, casement windows, and much more.


We Cover All Window Types

Some Window Types
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