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Aluminum Storm Panels

Aluminum Storm Panels
Aluminum Storm Panels
Aluminum Storm Panels

Stop using plywood!
Aluminum storm panels are secure and have never been as easy to set up as with our tracks and screws.


As simple as place and screw.

Approved by The Florida Building Code,

our aluminum storm panels have the highest aluminum quality.

The Florida Building Code incorporates all building construction related regulations for public and private buildings in the state of Florida, passing the strictest of the regulations in all Florida's counties, our aluminum storm panels meet all the Florida requirements for labor, structure, and installation.

Advantages of Contracting
to Install Storm Panels.

Contracting a company to install storm panels has several advantages over attempting to do it yourself. Here are some reasons:

  • Professional Expertise: As specialists in installation of hurricane protection products, we have trained professionals with the expertise to ensure proper installation. They understand the nuances of different panel types and installation requirements, as well as seeking the requisites under the Florida Building Code for safety and correct installation. They are prepared to face the physical effort and provide master skills it conveys to make this sort of projects.

  • Efficiency: Professional installers are experienced and efficient, completing the installation quickly and accurately. This can save you time and effort compared to doing it yourself.

  • Quality Installation: As a specialized and experienced company, we have access to high-quality materials and tools, ensuring that the storm panels are installed securely. This helps in providing better protection against storms and other adverse weather conditions while using our products.

  • Safety: Storm panel installation can involve working at heights or in challenging conditions. Professionals are trained to follow safety protocols, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries during the installation process.

  • Code Compliance: Even though storm shutters do not require city permitting as a last source of protection, all our professional installers are familiar with local building codes and regulations. They will ensure that the installation meets all necessary standards, preventing potential legal and safety issues in the future regarding the structure where they are installed, using the necessary equipment and product adaptations the opening may involve.

  • Warranty and Insurance: Our services provide warranties. If any issues arise post-installation, we can address them promptly. Additionally, we carry our insurance, providing coverage in case of any accidental damage during the installation. Something you don't want to cover under your own risk.

  • Customization: Professionals can assess your specific needs and customize the installation accordingly. This ensures that the storm panels are fitted to your home or building correctly, providing optimal protection and fit the building code standards and regulations.

  • Time and Convenience: In general, hiring a company saves you the time and hassle of sourcing materials, figuring out the installation process, and dealing with any unforeseen challenges. It provides a hassle-free solution for storm protection.


On the other hand, there it is nothing wrong with doing it yourself, but it will require a certain level of DIY skills, time commitment, and attention to detail. If you choose to install storm panels on your own, consider the following:

  • Skill Set: DIY installation demands a basic understanding of construction and carpentry skills. You should be comfortable using tools and following precise measurements and dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

  • Time and Patience: Installing storm panels can be time-consuming, especially if you're not experienced. It may take longer to complete the project, potentially leaving your property vulnerable to storms during the installation process.

  • Learning Curve: If you haven't installed storm panels before, there will be a learning curve. You'll need to educate yourself on the installation process, best practices, and potential challenges that may arise.

  • Tool and Material Acquisition: You'll need to acquire the necessary tools and materials for the installation, which may involve additional costs and time spent researching the right products for your specific needs.

  • Safety Concerns: DIY projects can pose safety risks, especially if they involve working at heights or with heavy materials. It's crucial to prioritize safety, use proper protective gear, and take necessary precautions.

  • Potential for Mistakes: Without professional guidance, there's a higher likelihood of making mistakes during the installation. These errors could compromise the effectiveness of the storm panels or even lead to damage.

  • No Professional Warranty: Unlike hiring a professional company, DIY installations typically don't come with a warranty. If issues arise later, you may need to invest additional time and resources to address them.

  • Code Compliance Challenges: Meeting local building codes and regulations may be challenging without professional knowledge. Non-compliance could result in safety hazards and potential legal implications.

  • Get an easy setup: Our storm panels secure an easy season setup to only place and screw, so that you only have to watch this process once and place them when a weather hazard approaches, on the other hand you can opt for accordion shutters, that are more accessible than impact windows, save space avoiding storing the panel blades passed each season, and you will have to simply slide and lock, and oil twice a year with a 10-year warranty on labor and installation.

Overall, while there may be a cost associated with hiring professionals for installation, the benefits in terms of expertise, efficiency, safety, and peace of mind make it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners or property managers.

  • Defying Hurricane Forces: Our aluminum storm panels stand firm against Level 5 hurricane winds, braving winds of 157 mph, 137 kt, or 252 km/h.

  • Affordable, Comprehensive Security: We offer the market's best prices, encompassing labor, installation, taxes, and a free estimate. Your protection is our priority.

  • Swift Shielding: Gain peace of mind within minutes; each opening secured in less than five minutes. Time is precious, and we make every moment count.

  • Insurance Advantages: Safeguard your future and your savings. Protect your home from hurricanes and unlock better insurance deals.

  • Form Meets Function: Our aluminum storm panels don't just protect; they effortlessly complement any opening, enhancing your establishment's aesthetic appeal.

  • Florida Building Code Certified: Trust in our compliance with the rigorous standards of the Florida Building Code, where safety and reliability converge.

  • Florida's Excellence: Our aluminum storm panels meet the highest standards of Florida, exceeding FBC expectations.

  • A Decade of Assurance: With a ten-year labor warranty, we assure your satisfaction and lasting peace of mind.

  • Built to Last: Our aluminum storm panels resist the tests of time and moisture, ensuring durability and protection for years to come.

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Aluminum Storm Panel Sketch
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